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United TODAY for a stronger TOMORROW

Jaime Baez, Jr

Born in Lancaster Pa and raised between Lancaster and Reading. I’ve had the opportunity to live in Puerto Rico for 3 years and Indiana for a year, this has provided me with a diverse background.

Oakbrook was where I got to see the struggles that Reading citizens and citizens around the US battle every day.

As I grew up, I grew a great interest in politics and being part of something bigger than myself. My grandfather would drive around with the air conditioner and radio on blast, listening to politics and debates, may he rest in peace. He would be the first up in the morning knocking on doors to ensure citizens would go and vote.

His memory is not lost, it lives within me.

At the age of 16, I was chosen by my high school to partake in a speech on HUD and affordable housing.

As I grew up and got a job. I learned what being a janitor/custodian was about. Taking the trash out and cleaning tables at park city mall, then factory work. I learned to move up in position from packer to line mechanic.

My mother, my greatest supporter has always taught me to say yes I can, yes I can. I knew I could do anything I put my mind to. During this time at the factory, around 2012, I served on a nonprofit organization called Atabey 360 focused on doing monthly cleanups of Lancaster city streets.

I grew a love and affection for service within the community from factory work to customer service. I was promoted from customer service representative to team leader, assisting in trainings, and helping others learn. I had the opportunity to serve on other volunteer committees, such as Conexion, One love, Three doctors, Junior Achievement, to currently serving on Reading Pride Celebration.

My life has been devoted to service .

Working in customer service for the financial industry has provided me insight into the daily struggles of every day citizens. The lack of knowledge is vast and knowledge is power. Going above, and beyond is important in the roles I've served and had, this would transition to my role in city council.

I’ve talked and educated clients on the basics of credits which is typically outside of my position in the financial institution in order to bring awareness. I make sure they know of the repercussions and the benefits of applying for credit before they apply. I do not feel satisfied until the job gets done the right way.

In July of 2022 I established my business called Smothered Sensations by J.C.J. LLC. It is my passion to bring a smile to people’s faces which I do through my food and service. It is my passion help those in need. It is my passion to bring about the best in myself and in others.

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